Key Points of Acrylic Board Bonding Process

Key Points of Acrylic Board Bonding Process Key Points of Acrylic Board Bonding Process

The bonding of acrylic boards is a key link in the processing of acrylic products. How to express the clarity and transparency of acrylic, reflect the sense of value of acrylic handicrafts, and improve the grade and taste of acrylic handicrafts. Adhesive technology plays an important role here.

1. The bonding of acrylic board is mainly affected by two aspects

One is the applicability of the adhesive itself, and the other is the bonding technique. At present, there are many adhesives on the market at home and abroad, and there are mainly two types, one is solvent-based and the other is resin-based. In general, resin-based adhesives are bonded by a curing reaction, while solvent-based adhesives are bonded by the final volatilization of the solvent.

The resin glue is characterized by good bonding effect, no bubbles, no whitening, and high strength after bonding. The disadvantages are complex operation, high difficulty, long curing time, slow speed, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of mass production. However, the general solvent-based adhesive is characterized by fast speed and can meet the requirements of mass production. The disadvantage is that the bonded product is prone to foaming, whitening, and poor weather resistance, which directly affects the appearance and export quality of acrylic products. Therefore, in the processing of acrylic products, how to choose a suitable adhesive to improve the taste and grade of acrylic products is a major problem that must be solved first in the bonding process.

Acrylic shadowless glue, by dissolving acrylic and releasing curing agent, participates in the curing reaction to realize the bonding between acrylics. From a physical and chemical point of view, it has the commonality of the above two adhesives; from the point of view of operability and bonding effect, it completely overcomes their shortcomings and has its own advantages. In addition, bonding skills are also important. Below are some common bonding techniques and a breakdown of their practical tips.

2. Adhesive process of acrylic board

Facade bonding is a widely used bonding technology, which is widely used in the production of various acrylic products. First, the surfaces to be bonded should be wiped clean. It is best to use a master mold to achieve bonding, so that the bonded objects will not shake, which is conducive to improving the bonding quality. The gluing of acrylic plates with a thickness of less than 3 mm can be directly completed by injecting Kronenberg glue evenly and slowly from one side with a syringe. For the bonding of acrylic boards with a thickness greater than 3 mm, thin metal wires can be placed on them to complete the bonding through capillary action. Before the adhesive is cured, the metal wires can be pulled out, or tapes can be used to protect the parts that do not need to be bonded, and the adhesive can be coated. In the place where the adhesive is applied, then place the adhesive obliquely into the acrylic sheet to squeeze out the air bubbles.

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