The Ubiquitous Presence of Acrylic Sheets in Various Industries

The Ubiquitous Presence of Acrylic Sheets in Various Industries The Ubiquitous Presence of Acrylic Sheets in Various Industries

Acrylic sheets, which look like glass but are not actually glass, usually have a standard size of 1.2 meters by 2.4 meters. Can these acrylic sheets, which look so much like glass, be applied to other channels to achieve the same application as glass? Next, the acrylic factory will take you to explore the application of acrylic sheets in various industries.

Acrylic storefront advertising

In busy commercial squares in European and American countries and Japan, acrylic advertising boards, light boxes, and billboards are colorful. Among many raw materials, acrylic sheet has a usage rate of 70%. In cities that are increasingly open to the outside world in Southeast Asia and coastal countries, it is more favored by people in the advertising industry.

Acrylic board crafts

The crafts made of acrylic sheets designed and manufactured have high tensile strength, which is beneficial to packaging and transportation. Acrylic sheets have a relatively broad development prospect in the craft industry. The photo frame made of acrylic sheet. Because of the strong light transmittance of acrylic sheets, coupled with excellent glossiness and artistic beauty, it will allow you to preserve every carefully taken daily life photo album clearly, and will always evoke unforgettable memories. Exquisite and beautiful acrylic gifts, sending a sincere greeting to your old friends. Different styles of acrylic materials display shelves allow you to appreciate the charm of the products from different perspectives. The fully transparent acrylic crafts reflect the crystal clear characteristics, and the various colorful shapes allow you to have a deeper understanding of the beauty of acrylic sheets.

Application of acrylic sheets in the decoration and building materials industry

Acrylic sanitary ware and accessories, windows and doors, baffles, step waist edges, lighting wave sheets, roof lighting covers, building decoration design sheets, furniture, daily necessities, etc. have become inseparable from our daily lives. Maybe what we see as glass is actually acrylic sheet.

Application of acrylic sheets in the mechanical equipment instrument panel industry

LED acrylic boards can also be used in equipment block covers and accessories, clock laminated glass ruler plates, electric fan blades, household appliances and mechanical equipment, industrial production components, etc.

Application of acrylic sheets in aviation electronics and transportation tools

Acrylic sheets can also be applied to aircraft windshields, signal indicators, display lights, lighting fixtures, etc. in airports, cargo ships, vehicles, etc.

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