What Are the Requirements of Cosmetic Display Shelves in Trade Malls?

What Are the Requirements of Cosmetic Display Shelves in Trade Malls? What Are the Requirements of Cosmetic Display Shelves in Trade Malls?

When we go to shopping malls, we can see that many cosmetic counters have cosmetics display stands. In fact, different shopping malls have different requirements for cosmetics display stands. How do they stipulate that?

1. The appearance of the cosmetics display stand should be beautiful

Most of the consumer groups of cosmetics are women. It is an industry that creates beauty, so it is bound to bring consumers a pleasant feeling. The atriums on the first floor of large shopping malls are mostly cosmetic counters, which represent the facade of a shopping mall, and the beautiful shape of the cosmetics display rack will attract the attention of consumers and attract more people, thereby increasing the performance and sales of the entire shopping mall.

2. The material of the cosmetics display stand should be safe and environmentally friendly

Because cosmetics are products that come into direct contact with the skin, you must be very careful. If the material of the display rack emits bad odor or toxic gas, it will cause skin allergy and redness to consumers who use the products that are mixed with the cosmetics displayed on the display rack, which will cause great loss both to the brand and to the shopping mall. Therefore, large shopping malls will require cosmetics display stands to pass some special tests before use, in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers.

3. The cosmetics display stand is highly innovative

The merchants do not want the display racks in their shopping malls to be similar to those in other shopping malls. Modern shopping malls tend to be personalized, so creative cosmetic display stands are very important for merchants. Therefore, generally merchants will go to professional cosmetic display stand manufacturers to customize them, and ask the cosmetics stand design team to customize the stands for themselves.

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