What is the difference between domestic acrylic board and imported acrylic board?
What is the difference between domestic acrylic board and imported acrylic board? Acrylic, commonly known as Plexiglass, is a by-product of petroleum. Acrylic boards in China are mainly divided into three categories: first, imported boards; second, Taiwan-funded boards; third, domestic boards. The difference between them is the origin and purity of the raw materials used (MMA). This is also the key to determining the quality and price of sheet metal.

Acrylic board imported from China - Mitsubishi of Japan [the former British LuCITE was acquired by Mitsubishi Liyang Company of Japan], Germany's Degussa (DEGUSSA) and Bayer (BAYER) three brands. The acrylic sheet produced by it is made by continuous casting method, so it can obtain good precision. Therefore, the production precision of 10mm thickness can reach (+) 0.1mm, which can be applied to the IT field with LCD light guide plate as the main part and strict tolerance requirement, because of its superior thickness precision, the uniformity and stability of the tone of the sign can be realized. Geothermal forming. On the basis of excellent transparency, processability and light weight, it is endowed with an excellent scratch resistant acrylic resin sheet. Among them, the quality of Degussa guarantees no yellowing for 30 years and no fading for 10 years. It conforms to the European Union ROHS standard, passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification and ISO 14001 environment. System authentication. But because of its high cost, the finished product is usually used only in the high-end enterprise labeling system. Taiwan-funded board (another imported board) - refers to the use of Britain Lucite (MMA) pure raw materials and Taiwan's technology, process made of the board. Most of the moulds for making plates are made in England and Germany. Common on the market are: Ruichang, Shenmei and other brands; and some brands such as Tongchen, Chuangya, Greenway and other brands, are also the so-called Taiwan board. Because of its uniform color, no water mark, small wave thickness error, high transmittance, pure and transparent, no impurities, and moderate price, the acrylic board produced by this process is widely favored by the public and has a wide popularity. The two processing (PMMA) is generated. But the shortcomings are obvious surface water marks, uneven thickness, easy to yellowing, not suitable for suction molding, only suitable for carving. The advantage is low price.
How to make your acrylic products longer life? 
How to make your acrylic products longer life?  We have been talking about how to know acrylic, acrylic bonding, acrylic plate type and so on about acrylic some professional knowledge. Today, I would like to tell you how to maintain, acrylic products will last a long life?

1. The temperature of acrylic products should not be higher than 60 degrees when they are used continuously, so we should avoid high temperature deformation of acrylic products.

2. Care should also be taken to avoid surface scratches in use or acrylic processing. The surface hardness of acrylic products is equal to that of aluminum. Scratches are easy to occur. If scratched, the original glossy surface can be restored by polishing.

3. In slightly scratched or due to static electricity caused by the adsorption of dust acrylic products blurred or unclean, can be dipped in 1% soap water with a soft rag wipe it clean.

4. Because acrylic sheet has a certain expansion coefficient, so in the use and installation process, must take into account the thermal expansion and cold contraction of acrylic sheet, in the assembly time must also leave a space for expansion and contraction. This is also the details that need to be noticed in the process of assembling acrylic products.

If you have acrylic products in your home, you might as well try to maintain it with the above methods. If you don't have acrylic products, it doesn't matter. You can contact me any time. Our Shenzhen Yameit Product Ltd. is a very professional company specializing in the production and processing of acrylic products. Chose us is chose the quality.
Why can our products be customized?
Why can our products be customized? The term "customization" originated from Saville street, which means tailoring for individual customers. Savile Row is a shopping district in Mayfair, central London, known for its traditional bespoke tailoring. With the development of the times, the meaning of the word "customization" is gradually enriched, such as customized clothing, gifts, and even the emergence of customized skin color, customized vegetables, catering to the psychological pursuit of quality and personality, customization is the real personalized consumption. Among the top ten technologies predicted by the United States to change the future, "personalized customization" is ranked first, and its market position is increasingly recognized.

Our company has been specializing in processing and customizing acrylic products for 14 years. From processing to customization, an enterprise with accumulation has laid a good foundation step by step. Today, there is an industry chain, a strategy, a vision, and packaging its own enterprises with science and technology. Maybe we only have 7% high requirements for customer service.
Yameit is a manufacturer?
Yameit is a manufacturer? We are a manufacturing company established in 2005, Alibaba is a member of the 12 year international station. 99% of the products are produced all over the world, mostly for processing customization, unlimited, with a series of product development, design and manufacturing capabilities, positioning in high-demand customers.
What is the main reason for the rising price of raw materials?
What is the main reason for the rising price of raw materials? 1.Supply-side reforms have reduced production capacity and eliminated some enterprises that are difficult to meet environmental standards. As a result, raw material prices have risen. The accumulation of raw materials and speculation of commodities in the futures market are the reasons for the recent rise in commodity prices. This trend will continue for at least two years, and the pressure of RMB depreciation will increase. The global economy has not recovered in a downturn in the real economy.

2. Inflation is divided into three types: cost-driven inflation, rising demand and structural imbalance. So the rising cost of raw materials is one of the causes of inflation. As for the above three reasons, one of the deep reasons is the over issuance of money.