Daily Care and Maintenance of Acrylic Cosmetic Display Stand

Daily Care and Maintenance of Acrylic Cosmetic Display Stand Daily Care and Maintenance of Acrylic Cosmetic Display Stand

Acrylic is one of the most common materials for making acrylic cosmetic display stands. Since acrylic was discovered in the last century, it has soared. Because of its very strong plasticity, it is used more and more widely, especially in the display industry and advertising. The industry, the development of these two major industries, has gradually become known to the public. Since it involves such a wide field, how can it be used for a longer time? Many people want to understand this question. Then let's talk about how to maintain the acrylic display cabinet.

1. Post-treatment method of scratching acrylic cosmetic display stand

There are also ways to remove large scars. It may cost more money. It is not necessary for some very cheap small products. There is also the cosmetic product display stands. These large-scale products are bought for a lot of money. You can't watch it scratch without taking any measures. The solution is to go to the market and buy a hand drill. This kind of thing can be used in other places in the home, so it is not just for this product. After buying this, you can go to those hardware stores or buy a small cloth wheel online. The cloth wheel can be directly installed on the hand drill. When buying some polishing wax, that kind of solid, ask the merchant and they will tell you. If you don't know and are afraid of being pitted, you can directly search for this aspect on the Internet. If you talk about the professional ones, you will basically not be pitted. You can start working after you have everything ready. After plugging in the electricity, turn the cloth wheel, and then put the polishing wax on the cloth wheel, which is equivalent to The cloth wheel is covered with wax, and then it is polished against the scratched part. Press it a little harder, don't use too much force, and throw it all the way until the scratches disappear.

2. Acrylic cosmetic display stand decontamination, decontamination skills

The surface of the custom acrylic cosmetic display stand is also easy to get dirty, especially after it is glued on, it is difficult to remove it by ordinary methods, so you can buy some white electric oil, use a white soft cloth, remember that it must be white, after wetting wipe the dirty part and it will take effect immediately. As long as it is not super glue, other glues can basically do it. There is also a situation, that is, some cloth or other things that are easy to fade will be stained to the surface after a long time, and it is generally difficult to remove, then we can buy some 718 water, which will be sold in ink stores. There is this thing, white electric oil can also be bought here, and it is also the same with pure white, that is, colorless cloth. After wetting, you can wipe it directly on it. It is best to wear a waterproof glove when wiping, because this is a bit of a corrosive chemical, it's okay to stick it a little, and it will hurt the opponent for a long time.

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