Classification of Acrylic Display Drawers

Classification of Acrylic Display Drawers Classification of Acrylic Display Drawers

Ⅰ. Features of acrylic display drawers

According to the characteristics of display cabinets, design matching product promotion boutique display cabinets, coupled with creative LOGO signs, make the products prominently displayed in front of the public, thereby increasing the role of product advertising. Fine acrylic display drawers can show the characteristics of the product; rich accessories, and each component can be installed flexibly, with a variety of colors, and the designer's exquisite design. The boutique display cabinets eclipse the traditional facilities. They have beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, quick disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation. In addition, the exquisite display cabinets are beautiful in style, elegant, and have good decorative effects. The exquisite acrylic display drawers make the products show extraordinary charm.

Ⅱ. Classification of acrylic display drawers

1. Exhibition cabinet

The production and design of this kind of acrylic customized plastic display hooks require precision. Not only must we ensure the use of sophisticated materials as much as possible in the production, but also the design requirements will be higher. Of course, this is inseparable from the nature of the exhibition, because one of the obvious characteristics of the exhibition is that it has gathered a large number of display merchants and a large number of user groups, so it is necessary to be able to focus users among thousands of merchants, and make some efforts in design, including the matching of lighting, vi, and color. Exhibitors taking into account the nature of the exhibition will have certain materials and requirements for the display cabinets of the merchants, and they are better than the production requirements of the display cabinets in the mall. The exhibition cabinets are mainly used in the Canton Fair, Shanghai Trade Fair, exhibition halls and other regions.

2. Store display cabinet

Shopping mall display cabinets, store display cabinets, etc.; this type of acrylic display drawer requirements mainly start from the product. Space and display are designed in three aspects; and the display cabinets under this category are not as diverse as exhibition display cabinets. They are mainly painted display cabinets, stainless steel display cabinets, glass display cabinets, etc. The main process flow includes woodworking, paint, etc.

3. Home display cabinet

The design of this type of display cabinet focuses on the treatment of space, mainly from the interior decoration design to the display cabinet design, and the requirements will be higher. The acrylic display drawer is made of more diverse materials, and the design cost of the home display cabinet will be higher than that of the monopoly. Store display cabinets are higher, which of course is also related to user requirements.

4. Mobile phone display cabinet

Mobile phone display cabinets are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, craft gifts, crystal products, plastic products, factory product showrooms, sample rooms of foreign trade companies and other product displays. It can also be used in corporate exhibitions and can be designed with multiple styles to brighten the product display. Acrylic display drawers for mobile phones have attracted the attention and favor of customers.

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