How to Keep the Plexiglass Display Stand Transparent and Increase Its Lifespan?

How to Keep the Plexiglass Display Stand Transparent and Increase Its Lifespan? How to Keep the Plexiglass Display Stand Transparent and Increase Its Lifespan?

The plexiglass display stand is now in the supermarket, and it is almost an indispensable new type of commodity display stand. Compared with other display stands, plexiglass display stands are safer and more practical. In particular, its long life and permeability characteristics make it more and more popular in the supermarket group.

The resistance of the plexiglass display stand is stronger than that of the ordinary plastic display stand. Since the plexiglass display stand is just an upgraded version of the plastic display stand, do not let chemical corrosion products touch its appearance. Chemical corrosion product is a kind of strong corrosive chemical agent, which can adhere to the product surface of plastic display stand, and then further corrode, so that the display stand loses its proper glossy appearance, or even completely damaged and cannot be used.

1. Plexiglass display stand avoids corrosive chemicals

If the chemical corrosive material touches the exterior of the plexiglass display stand or the interior of the product, it will quickly adsorb on the surface of the display stand. If the chemical corrosion products attached to the plexiglass display stand are to be forcibly removed, the display stand will be "potted", thus making the plexiglass display stand lose its proper display value. Therefore, the damage of chemical corrosives to acrylic products is very large, so in use, try to avoid such corrosive chemicals as chemical corrosives.

2. The operating temperature of the plexiglass display stand

This temperature includes high temperature environment and low temperature environment. The first is the high temperature environment. The plexiglass display stand has its temperature resistance in use. There is no problem in normal use in the general environment. If it is in an ultra-high temperature and harsh environment, the life of the plexiglass display stand may be greatly reduced.

3. The drop resistance of the plexiglass display stand

Although acrylic products have strong toughness and strong drop resistance, this drop resistance is moderate. When the drop resistance is exceeded, the opposite situation will occur, which may break or be directly dropped and cannot be used. The former affects the display effect, and the latter is directly scrapped.

4. Maintenance of plexiglass display stand

It needs to be maintained and maintained frequently during use. It is necessary to frequently wipe off the ash falling on the plexiglass display stand, and it is also necessary to wipe off the stains adhering to the surface to keep it transparent and shiny for a long time.

The above is the key to increasing the service life of the plexiglass display stand. If you follow the above method, there is no problem for more than 3-5 years.

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