Custom Acrylic Display Box is More Suitable for Your Products

Custom Acrylic Display Box is More Suitable for Your Products Custom Acrylic Display Box is More Suitable for Your Products

Ⅰ. Custom acrylic display box

At present, most of the packaging boxes of mold products generally only consider the protection of the product, and do not consider whether the product can be displayed. Consumers cannot see the mold product or can only see a part of the mold product. When a mold product needs to be displayed to consumers, it is often necessary to open the packaging box, which causes the mold product to be easily damaged and brings certain inconvenience.

The display box is a kind of packaging box, through which the products in the packaging box can be seen intuitively. The clear acrylic display box can protect the figure from dust pollution, and it also shows the appearance.

Nowadays, high-end products are displayed in the acrylic showcase box, which can be designed to match product promotions, plus creative LOGO signs, so that the products are displayed more eye-catchingly in front of consumers, thereby increasing the role of product advertising.

Ⅱ. Advantages of custom acrylic display box

1. In addition to its unparalleled high brightness, acrylic is also tough, not easy to break, and bright in color, which can meet the individual pursuit of different tastes.

2. Shape customization. The custom acrylic display box can be customized in a variety of special shapes. By laser cutting machine, the acrylic can be carved into the desired shape to make the appearance of the display box more personalized and exquisite.

3. The picture of the acrylic display box is highly clear, and the arc cutting edge is smooth and accurate. The high-precision laser cutting machine can make the cutting edge of acrylic smooth and round without hurting your hands.

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