The Problems Needing Attentions in the Production Process of Acrylic Products

The Problems Needing Attentions in the Production Process of Acrylic Products The Problems Needing Attentions in the Production Process of Acrylic Products

Ⅰ. The loss of acrylic products during processing is inevitable

The loss of acrylic products in the processing process is bound to occur, and some of them cannot be avoided, but we can reduce its loss as much as possible during processing and production. So how to reduce this loss? Let me explain to you the problems that must be paid attention to in the processing and production of acrylic products!

Ⅱ. Several issues that need attention in the processing of acrylic products

1. Don't let them directly touch the wind

After the acrylic glue is applied, it is best not to directly touch the wind on the edge. Although the wind blows quickly, it can indeed speed up the drying speed of the glue, but the edge will turn white due to the rapid volatilization of the glue.

2. Can not be exposed to direct sunlight

Before the glue adhesive is completely cured, acrylic cannot be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. If it is irradiated for a long time, the bonding surface will turn yellow, which will affect the final aesthetics of the plexiglass products.

3. Protect the places that do not need to be bonded

When acrylic products are bonded, because the glue is highly corrosive, if it drops on the surface, it will leave traces that are difficult to eliminate. Therefore, areas that do not need to be glued should be protected with some things.

4. The bonding surface should be cleaned

The acrylic bonding surface should be cleaned. If there are impurities such as dust, bubbles will be generated during bonding and the glue will flow unevenly.

5. The amount of glue should be appropriate

When bonding, if the amount used is small, there will be a phenomenon of not hitting, and bubbles will be generated. If the glue amount is large, it will overflow, so the acrylic products manufacturer must pay attention to the amount of glue used when bonding, and pay great attention to the amount of glue used in the long-term processing work.

6. Control temperature

Ordinary acrylic sheets will deform when the temperature is about 100 degrees, and acrylic products processed above this temperature will lose the unique characteristics of acrylic.

7. Avoid any scratches

The hardness of acrylic, the hardness of the surface of the acrylic board is only equivalent to that of aluminum. When using or processing acrylic, you should be very careful to avoid scratching and causing the surface gloss loss.

8. Be careful of static electricity

During the acrylic processing, acrylic products manufacturers need to pay attention to static electricity. In summer or in a very dry acrylic processing workshop, static electricity is easy to cause and attract dust. When cleaning, you should wipe it with a soft cotton cloth dipped in soapy water or thinner.

9. Reserve space for expansion and contraction

Acrylic casting plates have a certain expansion coefficient during acrylic processing, so you must consider leaving enough space for expansion and contraction of acrylic plates during the stacking or processing of acrylic plates.

In the processing of acrylic products, as long as you pay attention to the above 9 problems, I believe that it will greatly save everyone a lot of unnecessary waste during production and use.

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