The Introduction of Acrylic Cosmetic Display Stand

The Introduction of Acrylic Cosmetic Display Stand The Introduction of Acrylic Cosmetic Display Stand

Acrylic cosmetic display stands are beautiful and delicate in appearance to attract females, so the display effect of acrylic cosmetic display stands directly affects the sales of cosmetics. In this article, the material requirements of cosmetic display stands are analyzed from the perspective of cosmetic display stand processing.

The prerequisite for making a high-quality cosmetic display stand is to choose high-quality materials. Only good materials and exquisite craftsmanship can make a good cosmetic display stand. A cosmetic display stand cannot be made entirely of acrylic material, so a variety of materials are needed when making it. First of all, we choose acrylic or plexiglass material. Acrylic or plexiglass is a material often used in cosmetic display stands. Because lighting effects are used in cosmetics display, the light transmittance of acrylic or plexiglass material is as high as 92% or more, so in many circumstances, acrylic or plexiglass materials are used to make light boxes or small display stands, so the acrylic cosmetic display stands are very common.

The third is to choose glass, because glass is often used for connection in cosmetic display stands, so the mixing between acrylic and glass will increase the beauty of cosmetic display stands. The third is to choose density board, to choose high-quality density board, because the surface of inferior density board is uneven and rough. Therefore, when choosing, choose high-density, smooth surface, and paint-bearable plates. The last is lighting design. The laser lights are designed at different angles of the cosmetic display stand, and under the pure white light, the cosmetics are more exquisite and high-end.

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