Acrylic Display Products Contain the Embodiment of Artistic Charm

Acrylic Display Products Contain the Embodiment of Artistic Charm Acrylic Display Products Contain the Embodiment of Artistic Charm

Compared with other materials, acrylic display products have obvious advantages, so they are very popular in the market. SHENZHEN YAMEIT ACRYLIC PRODUCT MANUFACTURE CO., LTD. has mastered a set of scientific methods when producing various acrylic display products to guarantee the quality and performance of acrylic display products.

1. Acrylic products contain the embodiment of artistic charm

First of all, in order to avoid silver wire cracks in acrylic display products, acrylic pigments (resins) and amino paints should be used, and they should be polished after filling the paint, which can achieve the purpose of smoothness and beauty. Secondly, when making acrylic display products such as cosmetic display stands, the acrylic sheet used may generate static electricity, which may cause dust to adhere. At this time, use suede or a soft cloth dampened with 1% soapy water to clean it before silk screen printing or filling paint, so as to achieve a cleaning effect and ensure the aesthetics of acrylic display products. In addition, for some minor scratches or less obvious damages on the surface of acrylic products, wet sanding is generally used. The sandpaper should move in a circular motion during sanding, and the fineness of the sandpaper should be gradually increased to more than 600 mesh. Finally, use toothpaste to wipe it. 

2. Acrylic products that fly into the homes of ordinary people

In today's daily life, acrylic products with the reputation of "plastic crystal" have begun to enter the home furnishing field. This new type of acrylic products has been widely used in aviation, medical, electronics and other fields, and now it has begun to more common.

Acrylic products are not only in business, light industry, construction, chemical industry and so on. Moreover, the production of acrylic products is widely used in advertising decoration and sand table models, such as: signs, billboards, panels of light boxes and panels of Chinese and English letters.

The selection of materials depends on the shape design, what kind of shape, what kind of acrylic material, color and variety should be tested repeatedly to achieve the best effect. to be a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. There are many applications of household acrylic products for the home, such as it can be used to make various household items such as fruit trays, tissue boxes and so on. Therefore, it is not only widely used in industry and commerce, but also in home furnishing, it is a new expansion, and it has entered a new field.

Therefore, high-quality acrylic display products require strict production requirements and standards to achieve. Shenzhen Yamet Fashion Display Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, production, production and processing of acrylic display products, acrylic display stands, advertising signs and other plexiglass display stands, has accumulated rich experience, excellent quality, very popular with the public, which is a good choice.

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