Polishing Skills of Acrylic Box Stand

Polishing Skills of Acrylic Box Stand Polishing Skills of Acrylic Box Stand

The acrylic box stand is made of high-grade acrylic sheet. During the processing of the acrylic box stand, after polishing the acrylic box stand, the surface of the product becomes more thorough and bright, and the light transmittance can reach more than 92%. During the use of the acrylic box stand, it is inevitable that there will be wear and tear. Polishing the worn acrylic box stand can prolong its service life. The common polishing techniques used by acrylic wishing well box manufacturers for the acrylic box stand are as follows: flame polishing, cloth wheel polishing, diamond polishing, manual polishing.

The processing period corresponding to different polishing processes is also different. Some polishing processes are used for the processing of acrylic box stand, while some polishing processes are used to  repair the acrylic box stand after its use and wear.

1. Flame polishing of acrylic box stand

When the acrylic box stand is slightly worn, flame polishing can be used, which mainly uses high temperature to treat the surface of the round acrylic box. And through flame polishing, the lighted acrylic box stand is bright and beautiful. Flame polishing is fast and convenient, but it requires higher skills for workers in operation, and a little carelessness will lead to damage to the acrylic box stand.

2. The cloth wheel polishing of the acrylic box stand

When the acrylic box stand is polished by the cloth wheel machine, firstly, the polishing wax is evenly applied to the cloth wheel machine, and the workers can perform different degrees of polishing treatment on different parts of the acrylic box stand. The operation of the cloth wheel machine is relatively safe, and the operation is simple. The worker can adjust it in real time according to the specific polishing situation. It is mostly used for high-quality products such as handicrafts.

3. Diamond polishing of acrylic box stand

Acrylic box stand that uses diamond polishing machines often adopts flowing water polishing. The diamond polishing machine has high polishing efficiency and good effect. For large-scale acrylic box stand polishing, diamond polishing machines can be used for processing. It is worth noting that you should check the diamond knife and adjust the size specifications before each use.

4. Manual polishing of acrylic box stand

Manual polishing can be adopted for the fine positions that the above three mentioned machines cannot reach. Manual polishing is relatively slow and suitable for polishing on high-quality and fine positions.

Generally speaking, the polishing of the acrylic box stand is to add polishing wax to its worn part, and to make the polishing wax evenly cover the worn part through polishing treatment. In theory, polishing is different from cutting, and there will be no dimensional change. However, if you focus on polishing one place, the thickness and size of the magnetic acrylic box stand may change, so it is recommended to handle it evenly when polishing manually.

Different polishing processes can be adopted for acrylic box stand with different thicknesses. In terms of manual and machine processing, acrylic boxes with a thickness of more than 5mm can be polished and maintained manually. But if acrylic boxes with smaller thickness are polished by hand, it may cause damage afterwards, and it will cost more than just buying a new acrylic box stand. It is recommended to consult relevant companies.

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