Is the Acrylic Display Box Good? What Are the Characteristics of It?

Is the Acrylic Display Box Good? What Are the Characteristics of It? Is the Acrylic Display Box Good? What Are the Characteristics of It?

Ⅰ. Functions of acrylic display box

What is the box for? I think everyone knows, what is the acrylic display box? It may be a bit unfamiliar to hear this, but it has been widely used in our daily lives, and it can be seen everywhere.

For example, acrylic candy boxes, acrylic storage boxes, the LED acrylic display box, acrylic food boxes, acrylic medical boxes, etc. are all acrylic display boxes. So what are the characteristics of the acrylic box that make it so widely used?

Ⅱ. Characteristics of the acrylic display box

Although there are many colors of acrylic, many acrylic display boxes are made of transparent materials in order to show the effect. The transparent acrylic gift box looks like transparent glass and feels like plastic. In fact, it is neither of them, but made of the acrylic material.

The clear acrylic gift boxes have a crystal-like transparent effect. More importantly, it is much lighter than glass, but its quality is much better than plastic. It has good processing performance and strong pressure resistance and is not easy to deform or break.

Of course, the transparent acrylic gift box can be widely used mainly because the acrylic material is non-toxic and tasteless at room temperature, and has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection. In particular, the acrylic display box is very resistant to high temperatures and has good sealing properties. It is particularly popular for storing foods such as sweets and snacks that are susceptible to moisture and melt when exposed to heat.

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