Does Promotional Customized Acrylic Display Base Have the Effect of Promoting Sales?

Does Promotional Customized Acrylic Display Base Have the Effect of Promoting Sales? Does Promotional Customized Acrylic Display Base Have the Effect of Promoting Sales?

1. How to customize acrylic display base

Display props are indispensable for promotional activities. It can even be said that the first impression of many small consumers for promotional activities is the colorful promotional display bases. The most distinctive acrylic display base in the mall must display the main recommended products. Over time, the display base for promotional activities has become a symbol of the event. A good promotional display base can often make the promotional event more effective.

Since promotional activities have already reduced product profits, the more the investment on display bases, the better the economy is. Therefore, customers who customize acrylic display often ask for low prices and durability.

2. The effect of acrylic display bases on promoting sales

Paper display bases have low load-bearing capacity and are easily damaged. They are similar to disposable appliances and are not cost-effective in the long run; metal and wooden display bases have good load-bearing capacity, are strong and durable, and can be assembled and disassembled, but they are expensive, so acrylic display bases are undoubtedly the best choice.

The biggest purpose of merchants using display bases is to sell goods, so good promotional display bases must be designed in conjunction with selling points of product. They can attract consumers' attention and persuade consumers to buy. Customized acrylic display is to allow consumers to see the products intuitively and truly enjoy shopping, so that the sales of the products can be further increased. Also it can help achieve the effect of promotion.

3. Which acrylic plates are available for customized acrylic display?

In terms of color, acrylic plates are generally categorized from transmittance: transparent, semi-transparent and colored types, which is easier for customers to distinguish. In addition, there are also many special-purpose acrylic plates, such as fire-resistant plates, flame-retardant plates, impact-resistant plates, metal effect plates, light guide plates, mirror plates, etc.

When customizing the acrylic display base, don't be limited by fixed thinking. Acrylic plates can show a variety of effects, which can be used for displays in various industries such as cosmetics, glasses, jewelry, watches, electronic products, food, medicine, etc., to make various displays base. For example, glasses display base, sports shoe display base, cosmetic display base, perfume display base and so on.

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