Several Advantages Help the Popularity of Acrylic Display Stands

Several Advantages Help the Popularity of Acrylic Display Stands Several Advantages Help the Popularity of Acrylic Display Stands

As acrylic display stands become more and more popular, acrylic display stands have more and more functions. Different products are suitable for different types, such as cosmetics, jewelry, glasses, electronics, tobacco and alcohol, etc. So what are the advantages of acrylic display stands?

The main material of the acrylic display stand is acrylic, which can integrate the corporate culture into the booth during design, so it has good display effect and cleanliness during use, and it can improve the overall image of the company and play a role in publicity. The beauty of acrylic products is very strong, so it can improve the grade of the product very well. Reasonable use of acrylic display racks can not only show the appearance characteristics of the product, but also show the excellent quality of the product, and bring different visual effects to customers, thereby improving the grade of the product and promoting the sales of the product.

1. Acrylic products have high light transmittance

Although acrylic has glass-like transparency, it is only half the weight of ordinary glass, making it very easy to handle or move. The light transmittance of acrylic is very good, the light transmittance reaches more than 92%, while the light transmittance of ordinary glass is 85%, so the dyed acrylic craft products are crystal clear and very beautiful under the sunlight!

2. Acrylic products can display products more effectively

Professionally designed acrylic products are unified with the connotation of corporate culture, which can more effectively display the product brand image. The acrylic display stand is designed according to the product, so it can better highlight the features and characteristics of the product. In addition, products can be displayed in categories, which can be seen at a glance during the browsing process of consumers, making it easy to purchase.

3. The display function of acrylic products

Display and display are the basic functions of acrylic display stands. Especially the cosmetics and skin care products stores with chain stores across the country have designed acrylic display stands with a unified style, which is helpful for product display and gives people a more professional and standardized feeling!

4. Acrylic products improve brand awareness

It can screen print LOGO or advertising pattern, which is very helpful to improve brand awareness. Exhibiting in a high-traffic department store amounts to free advertising. It can not only display products, but also have advertising effect, so why not do it? 

5. Acrylic products promote sales growth

Looking at traditional brand-name cosmetics and skin care products, especially imported brand-name products and innovatively designed cosmetics and skin care product display stands, acrylic brackets can increase the exposure of cosmetics and lead the sales of cosmetics and skin care products. A good acrylic display stand can improve the level of cosmetics and cater to people's psychology of saving face. The light transmittance and exquisite high-quality atmospheric appearance of acrylic materials are loved by many cosmetics manufacturers. This is why cosmetics stores, especially brand-name cosmetics stores, use acrylic display stands as the main display.

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