How to Maintain the Acrylic Display Box?

How to Maintain the Acrylic Display Box? How to Maintain the Acrylic Display Box?

Acrylic display box now is almost a kind of indispensable new commodity display rack in the supermarket. Compared to other display shelves, acrylic display box is safer and more practical. In particular, its characteristics of long life and permeability make it more and more popular in the supermarket.

1. Avoid chemical corrosion

The resistance power of acrylic advertising display box is stronger than ordinary plastic display racks. As the acrylic display box is only an upgraded version of the plastic display rack, so do not let the chemical corrosion encounter the product's appearance. Because the chemical corrosion product is a kind of strong corrosive chemical reagent, which can be attached to the surface of the plastic display shelf, and then further corrosion, making the display shelf lose its due luster appearance, or even completely damaged and can not be used again.

If the chemical corrosion product comes up against the surface or interior of the acrylic display box, it will soon be quickly attached on the surface of the acrylic display box. If you want to forcibly remove the chemical corrosion attached to the acrylic display box, the display rack will be "potholes", and that will make the acrylic display box lose its due display value. Therefore, the chemical corrosion of acrylic products damage is very harmful, so during the usage, try to stay away from chemical corrison products and other corrosive chemical agents of the same type.

2. Pay attention to the temperature

Temperature includes high temperature environment and low temperature environment. The first is the high temperature environment, as we use the acrylic led display. It has its temperature resistance, so the normal use under general environment is of no problem. However, if it is in the ultra-high temperature harsh environment, its life may be greatly reduced.

3. Avoid falling and hitting

Although the toughness of acrylic products is very strong, so as to the fall resistence, there is a degree of resistance to fall. Over this resistance to fall, there will be the opposite situation. It may break or fall directly to the point where it can't be used. The former will influence the display effect, while the latter will directly scrap.

4. Daily maintenance

It is necessary to maintain and preserve the acrylic display box regularly in the daily use. It is necessary to erase the ash falling on the acrylic display box regularly, and to erase the stains adhered to the surface, so as to maintain long-term transparency and luster.

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