Japan Nitori  Made a Lot of Storage Boxes in Order to Sell the Goods

Japan Nitori Made a Lot of Storage Boxes in Order to Sell the Goods Japan Nitori  Made a Lot of Storage Boxes in Order to Sell the Goods

Japan's Nitori store ordered a number of boxes from us, including glasses boxes, file boxes, Japan in line with the simple concept of life, pure transparent products have a special preference.

We have cooperated with this buyer for 8 years. They come to the factory only once a month and place orders. The products are basically transparent Acrylic holders. Their products also apply for appearance patents. The inspection rate of Japanese orders is 100%. Many factories are afraid and love Japanese orders. They are afraid of the quality requirements. Even some harsh, love is the high profits of orders, but strict checks are the driving force for our development. Amet company goes to Japan Exhibition Center every year to see the exhibition, in order to get a better understanding of the trend of the Japanese market, so we have a thought:

How much is Japan's science and technology higher than China?

To quote Mr. Okumura of Japan, who won the Robert Prize in Medicine and Physics, as saying: "To see a country's scientific and technological level, we must not only look at its manufacturing technology, but also at its research and development capabilities, which must be considered comprehensively. China, for example, is far ahead of Japan in space technology, marine deep submersible technology, missile R&D and manufacturing technology, bridge and tunnel construction technology, IT development and application technology. Even high-speed rail technology has caught up with Japan in many areas. "

"To measure a country's technological level, we must not only look at its civilian products, but also pay attention to its military technology. Although on the surface, many Japanese products do more exquisite than China, the concept is better than China, but, in many cases, this has little to do with the level of science and technology, and related to the level of process planning. (astonished)

Therefore, we believe that Acrylic product customization industry is sustainable development, only dedicated to technological innovation, unswervingly committed to leading technology Acrylic product customization.

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