How to Make a Qualified Acrylic Transparent Box?

How to Make a Qualified Acrylic Transparent Box? How to Make a Qualified Acrylic Transparent Box?

Acrylic cube boxes are widely used in stores and large supermarkets because of their easy processing, low cost and good light transmittance. Acrylic cube box is made of transparent and high purity acrylic sheet, generally 3 to 5mm thick sheet. If the plate is too thin, it is easy to bend and deform. If it is too thick, material costs and labor costs will be relatively high. The most commonly used acrylic cube boxes in factories require three processes.

1. Laser Cutting

The first process of acrylic cube box needs to go through is laser cutting, that is, the acrylic sheet is cut into the right size set, and then placed on the laser cutting machine, waiting for the machine to run automatically cutting. Therefore, when setting the product parameters in the early stage, we must communicate well with customers to avoid mistakes.

2. The Polishing

Next, angled acrylic display stands need to be polished: when acrylic sheet is just cut, the section is generally incomplete and slightly pasting the situation, with not too good-looking. So it must be polished, because polishing can make the acrylic products look more transparent, tidy and shiny. The most common polishing machine used is a cloth wheel polishing machine or a diamond polishing machine.

3. Finished Product Bonding

The third step of manufacturing acrylic cube box is finished product abonding: if you want to have a good-looking product, you muct stick the multiple boards of acrylic transparent boxes together with glue, apply glue to the surface contact area and let the glue dry for a while. Acrylic sheet can be bonded together, very firm and practical. There is one more benefit of glue bonding, which is both beautiful and practical.

The above are three processes that a qualified acrylic box must go through.

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