Application of LED Light Emitting Character and Application of Acrylic

Application of LED Light Emitting Character and Application of Acrylic Application of LED Light Emitting Character and Application of Acrylic

In our daily life, LED light-emitting words are widely used. We often see shining billboards standing in the streets. Usually, these billboards will use LED light-emitting words, today to give you a brief analysis of it and to see the main use of acrylic words.

As a light source, a light emitting diode (led) has low energy consumption and is given all-around protection - waterproof, dust-proof and static-proof. It ensures the best working environment of LED light emitting words, maximizes the life of the light source, and is durable. There will never be a lack of strokes. Its life can reach 100,000 hours. The disadvantage of LED light-emitting words: No matter how good the resin is, it will turn yellow. It's only a matter of time. The production of LED light-emitting characters is most unsuitable for outdoor characters, especially large characters.

LED light-emitting words not only yellows but also powders. The explosion is a common phenomenon. Some of them will melt if they don't match well. These are the problems that need to be noticed in the actual operation of acrylic LED signs manufacturers. Therefore, LED light-emitting characters should have strong adaptability: they can work normally and safely in the temperature range from - 40℃ to 80 ℃and humid environment; their performance is superior: high strength, impact resistance, waterproof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, explosion-proof, not afraid of storms and even hail attacks.

Acrylic board is mainly used for carving, decoration and crafts production. Casting moulds are usually used for advertising signs, light boxes, etc. Acrylic has the advantages of lightweight, low cost and easy to form. Its moulding methods include casting, injection moulding, mechanical processing, thermal moulding and so on. Especially injection moulding, which can be produced in large quantities, has a simple process and low cost. Therefore, its application is becoming more and more widespread. At present, it is widely used in advertisement display, acrylic light-emitting words, plastic-absorbing words, resin light-emitting words, car lights and so on.

Acrylic is used in various fashion products, paper towel boxes, computer racks, hair accessories, bracelets, buttons, earrings, necklaces and so on. There are many kinds, and there is unlimited space for development and continuity. Due to its high plasticity, good surface hardness, and transparent luster, acrylic materials are often used by designers to match with various materials in the design of various delicate containers to enhance the quality and practicability of containers, such as lipstick and chemicals, and other products such as jewelry boxes, tables, and chairs.
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